Hannah Butler is a Professional Drummer and Tutor based in Swindon and has recently received an endorsement by Bosphorus Cymbals.

Hannah has been playing since she was 13 and has played in over 15 bands in that time. She was first inspired by seeing Craig Blundell perform at a masterclass organised by Andy Wraight. It was his passion and excitement for the drums, which inspired her to follow her dreams. After college Hannah studied at Brighton Institute of Modern Music and graduated with a degree in Professional Musicianship specialising in Drums. During her time at BIMM she had the opportunity to be taught by the very best educators and musicians who are at the height of their careers. These included Pat Garvey who is a regular contributor to the Tech Sessions at idrummag, Preston Prince owner of Tiki Drums and Michael Bowes who has played for artists such as Tears for Fears and Joss Stone etc. It was here she gained knowledge developing her technique and style as a musician, playing with other experienced musicians and learnt the key skills of music teaching and soloing.

Since graduating, Hannah has been teaching privately as a tutor at Andy Wraight's Teaching Studios, gaining experience playing private functions and playing with a range of different artists including numerous tours and session work at Abbey Road Studios. Hannah is currently looking to expand her teaching, work with other artists and continue developing as a drummer and musician.